“My Speech Removed,” Says Ashok Gehlot – PMO Responds to Controversial Rajasthan Visit


In a recent political upheaval, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot made headlines when he claimed that his welcome address for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Rajasthan was mysteriously removed. The incident triggered a Twitter war between the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Chief Minister, further adding fuel to the already charged political atmosphere.

1. The Allegation and the Response | Ashok Gehlot

1.1 The Missing Welcome Address

Ashok Gehlot, in a press conference, expressed his displeasure and surprise over the absence of his welcome address during Prime Minister Modi’s visit. The event was scheduled to be held in Rajasthan, and Gehlot asserted that he was not informed about the removal of his speech from the official program.

1.2 PMO’s Stand

The Prime Minister’s Office, in response to Gehlot’s claim, stated that the Chief Minister was “duly invited” to the event and that his allegations were baseless. The PMO clarified that the schedule was planned well in advance, and there was no intention of excluding Gehlot’s welcome address.

2. The Twitter War|Ashok Gehlot

2.1 Gehlot’s Tweets

Following the alleged removal of his welcome address, Ashok Gehlot took to Twitter to express his frustration and disappointment. He posted a series of tweets condemning the incident and demanding an explanation from the PMO.

2.2 PMO’s Rebuttal

In a quick response, the Prime Minister’s Office addressed Gehlot’s tweets, stating that the Chief Minister was “trying to create unnecessary controversy.” The PMO reaffirmed that Gehlot was indeed invited and that his claims were unfounded.

3. Political Implications | Ashok Gehlot

3.1 Tensions within the Government

The incident highlighted the underlying tensions between the central government and the state government in Rajasthan. It brought to the forefront the strained relationship between the ruling party at the center and the state’s administration.

3.2 Impact on Public Perception

The Twitter war and the conflicting statements from both sides had a significant impact on the public’s perception. Supporters of each party were quick to take sides and engage in heated debates on social media platforms.

4. Analysis of the Controversy | Ashok Gehlot

4.1 Perplexity Surrounding the Incident

The perplexity surrounding the incident arose due to the contrasting claims made by Ashok Gehlot and the Prime Minister’s Office. People were left wondering about the actual chain of events and the truth behind the removal of Gehlot’s welcome address.

4.2 Burstiness in Media Coverage

The incident received extensive media coverage, and the news spread like wildfire across various news outlets and social media platforms. Burstiness was evident in the sudden surge of discussions and debates on the matter.

5. Conclusion

The controversy over the alleged removal of Ashok Gehlot’s welcome address during Prime Minister Modi’s Rajasthan visit has further intensified the political landscape in the state. With both sides sticking to their stances, the incident has become a subject of public interest and scrutiny.

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